Nelson Mandela: The real life Hero


Nelson Mandela was one of those few heroes who have brought a revolutionary transformation and changed the course of history. Stepping in the footprints of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi he carried the struggle against racial discrimination in South Africa to its successful result and compelled the government there to handover power to the representatives of the native people who constituted the majority.

He spent several decades in jail but did not succumb to the tyranny of the white rulers. He was the father of nation for South Africans similarly as Mahatma Gandhi was to Indians. He lived an exemplary life of devotion to the great moral principles of truth and non-violence and carved a unique place for himself in the history of world. His life will continue to inspire the mankind to fight against the violation of human rights in any form.

We must acknowledge the great legacy of Nelson Mandela by researching and learning from his life and accomplishments.

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