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“Classroom to Boardroom” Workshop for SMS Varanasi Students

SMS Varanasi organized four days workshop from 27th to 30th September, 2018, on topic “Classroom to Boardroom” for MBA I & III Semester students. The key resource person for the workshop was Mr Puneet Arora, Director HR Pure Software Pvt. Ltd. He possesses 17 years experience in the area of Learning and Development, Organization Development, Leadership Development and Corporate Training. He is an MBA-HR from Allahabad University and also MDP from Harvard Business School.


Classroom to Boardroom workshop provided participants a rich and unique learning experience which guided and guaranteed them a competitive edge in contemporary job market. With increase in competition corporate today are looking toward graduates who not only possess technical skill rather should also be equipped with various skills to meet the job intricacies efficiently and effectively. However, Mr. Puneet Arora guided to students regarding soft skills, interview skills, organization etiquette, body language and positive attitude.

This workshop was coordinated by Mr Saurabh Srivastava, Assistant Professor, School of Management Sciences Varanasi

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Swachhata Pakhwada 2018 organised by NE Railways at Manduadih Railway Station in association with SMS Varanasi

Swachhata Pakhwada 2018 organised by NE Railways at Manduadih Railway Station in association with SMS Varanasiranbow_club

Today Students and members of RAINBOW- A social welfare club of School of Management Sciences , Varanasi along with Prof. kamal Sheel Mishra and Prof. A.P. dube Observes the Swachhata Pakhwada 2018 organised by NE Railways at Manduadih Railway Station in association with SMS Varanasi and QCFI , Varanasi. Students and members took the oath towards the cleanliness and promise to keep our place clean and Hygienic. They also marched the station with slogans and plug cards.


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International Lecture Series by Prof. ADN Bajpai on “Spirituality and Purushartha” @ SMS Varanasi


School of Management Sciences Varanasi organized an International Lecture on “Spirituality and Purushartha” on 21 September, 2018 which was an initiative of SMS-IQAC conducted by Center for Spirituality and Human Enrichment (C-SHE). Professor A.D.N. Bajpai, Former Vice-Chancellor, Himachal Pradesh University was the main speaker of the session. The lecture was a tremendous success as participants from different parts of the country converged to attend it. It had participants who were research scholars from different universities, delegates from all over India and abroad who benefitted from this unique and special deliberation. Mr. Rishi Raman Singh, Associate Professor, SMS, Varanasi welcomed the distinguished speaker with a bouquet of flowers. The dais was shared by Dr. Praveen Dighra, Professor S.K. Mishra of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and Mr. Ashiwini Dubey who were all disciples of Prof. A.D.N Bajpai. This lecture series was started in 2009 in the city of Jabalpur, in the vicinity of river Narmada. It also happened to be the birthday of Prof. Bajpai which all his research scholars and disciples wanted to celebrate through this noble way of spreading knowledge about spirituality and other dimensions which are interwoven with it in the society.

international_lecture_2018_1Prof. Sandeep Singh, Head of Department (Commerce and Management), SMS, Varanasi welcomed the guest with a bouquet of flowers and showered him with wishes on his birthday. He also acknowledged the fact that he was not only a respected teacher, researcher, academic administrator but also a great and accomplished poet in true sense. He also expressed his gratitude and welcomed all his followers and other delegates for this insightful session. Sir, opined that “Spirituality”, is of extreme importance in management and condemned the “occult practices” that are being carried out in today`s materialistic world. Talking about the theme he said that it’s extremely dynamic and versatile in nature and has a deep implication on the best practices that are being used in management today. He let everyone know that since 2003 in SMS, Varanasi through C-SHE he has done his own humble part in propagating Spirituality in Management. Lastly, he hoped that all the listeners would certainly have some takeaways from the session.

The second speaker briefed everyone about how the lecture started in Jabalpur in the year 2009 which emphasized on the clearing of Narmada. He laid stress on the fact that Rs. 18,000 crore has been sanctioned for the cleaning of Ganga river and already 8,000 crore has been utilized with no fruitful results. He stressed that if people could only put things in the river that they could eat themselves the rivers would automatically get cleaned over a period of time. According to him Arsenic is the main pollutant that impacts the water quality in this area. He also emphasized that various pollutants which are being used in the soil to increase the produce in-turn effect our body and mind in a detrimental way. He expressed his desire that people should be more careful while feeding cows as they feed them things in polethene which these animals consume along with food, which in turn affect the food ecosystem in totality.

Then the distinguished speaker Prof. S.K Mishra from Banaras Hindu University who took part in the lecture series for the first time expressed his fondness for Prof. Bajpai and said that his association with him dated back to 1985. Prof. Bajpai is extremely simple and down to earth in his style of communication. He opined that for the development of a person he has to be either, “scared” or “greedy”. These two factors serve as the primary motivation for his aspiration for growth of an individual today. He said only that person who has got a clear concise for the society and life can be satisfied and have a continuous growth path rather that those who worked out of sheer greed and are scared. Mr. K. K Bajpai, Associate Professor, SMS Varanasi graced the dais by highlighting the mystiqueness and charm that the city of Varanasi had in it. It made it a very special place to live and the enigma that it has for being the oldest religious city always made it a very special place for everyone in the world.


Prof. A D N Bajpai started his deliberation by reciting a shloka in Sanskrit which completely changed the ambience of the place. Leaving everyone in awe of his ablilty to influence without power he emphazised that just like a seed this lecture series that started in Jabalpur is now 10 years old in the holy and pious city of Varanasi. He opined that “Purushartha”, meant the true meaning of being a man – to satisfy all instincts and be happy throughout. He said that Purushartha is a perfect synonym Moksharth. He focused on Dharma, Karma and Moksha. He discussed how nature in itself works for itself in a periodic way. According to him nature imbibed all the features of Purushartha. The only way in which nature and humans are different was that nature was not as active as humans. He futher shared that Aahar, Nidra, Maithun and Bhay are present both in humans and animals. But wish for moksha and presence of Decision Making Skills is present in humans not in prakriti. Moksha can only be availed by Purushartha, nature cannot avail Moksha. He also educated others by saying that while you are alive you can attain Moksha. He said, “Liberation from all aspects of Purushartha and Moksharth are similar words”. This keep and make humans more superior and differentiate them from all. Futhermore he said that Atma, is everliving and that a person has to try to reach the moksha stage. He said that Atma cannot be discovered or searched but can only be felt.


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Executive Secretary, School of Management Sciences, Felicitated as Renowned Edupreneur (Education Entrepreneur)


Shri Narayan Sanskritik Chetna Nyaas, NOIDA a social and philanthropic organization of Uttar Pradesh, known for its contribution to the society, conferred Dr. M.P. Singh, Executive Secretary, School of Management Sciences, the leading management and professional education institute, with Edupreneur’s (Educational Entrepreneur) Award for his exceptional service in the field of Higher Education and his contribution towards society by way of providing quality education and career opportunity to students and also providing excellent professionals to the Industry.


A jury comprising of distinguished academicians and industrialists, selected Dr. M.P. Singh for the award for his exceptional contribution in the field of Higher Education. School of Management Sciences was established in Varanasi in 1995, and started Management and Engineering campus at Lucknow in 2008. With its quality in education, Govt. of India’s body NAAC conferred SMS, Varanasi with Grade A in 2017.

Since its inception SMS Varanasi has trained thousands of students, who have made their mark in the industry, as successful professionals. The institute has also produced many entrepreneurs who are doing well and have given jobs to many, some of them conduct campus interview in their alma mater.

The grand award ceremony, which was organized at NOIDA, was attended by Mr. RK Sinha, MP Rajya Sabha, (Chief Patron), Prof. RK Khandal, President R&D India Glycols Ltd, (Mentor), Prof. P.B. Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Gurgram, (Chairman of Jury), Mr. Rajan Srivastava, Chairman, Shree Narayan Sanskritk Chetna Nyaas, Prof. ADN Bajpai, Vice Chancellor, Himachal University, Shimla among other. The award was given by Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Cabinet Minister and chief guest of the function. The award was received by Shri Satish Kumar Singh, Chairman, School of Management Sciences Society on behalf of Dr. M.P. Singh.

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Workshop Series held at SMS Varanasi


SMS Varanasi organized three days workshop on “Soft Skills for Future Managers” for First Semester PGDM students from Aug 28 to 30, 2018. Prof M.S. Pandey Professor Department of English, Banaras Hindu University was distinguished speaker, who shared the importance of soft skill for personal and professional growth with the PGDM first semester student. He addressed to PGDM students that as a manager, it has never been enough to be technically adept. You have to excel at soft skills as well. Soft skills are the personality traits, attitudes, habits, and behaviors you display when working with others. While good soft skills are also important for employees, they are critical for managers. Event was organized in presence of PGDM Coordinator Mr. Rishi Raman Singh.


SMS Varanasi also organized one day workshop on “Spirituality: Work Efficiency, Decision Making & Happiness” for the PGDM, MCA and BBA student on August 29, 2018. This session was engaged by Swami Varishthanand Ji, Shri Ramakrishna Mission, Varanasi.


He enlightened the students about self management and added that management is a science which is practiced from thousand years. Swami Ji deliberated that we spend less time on ourselves and are more interested in influencing others and also gave tips on coping up with anxiety.


Another workshop took place on topic “HUNAR” Campus Recruitment Training” for PGDM third semester students. Event was organized in association with Second Wind Foundry, Raipur Chhattisgarh India. Second Wind Foundry is one among the leading Training providing organizations. Mr. Price Grover, Director of Second Wind Foundry conducted the training. During the inaugural session of workshop, Prof. P. N. Jha, Director of SMS Varanasi motivated the students for attaining best input from the workshop. Workshop mainly focused on group discussion, interview and visualizing long term goals of life, and also made the students to work upon their communication and aptitude related domains. Several icebreaking games and exercises helped the students to improve their personalities. Workshop started on 30th August and ended on 01st September, 2018. Event was organized in presence of PGDM Coordinator Mr. Rishi Raman Singh.


On 31st August 2018, as a part of Activity Day, SMS Varanasi organized a talent hunt event conducted by 93.5 Red FM and Amar Ujala “College Ke Tashanbaaz” for categories like dancing, singing, acting, music band, etc. Through this activity the students got an opportunity to rock the event with RED FM team. As the name says COLLEGE KE TASHANBAAZ the TASHANBAAZ of our college performed their TASHAN. Sajal and Sharad were selected in

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SMS Undergraduate Students Secured Medals in MGKVP University Merit List

SMS Undergraduate Students Secured Medals in MGKVP University Merit List


School of Management Sciences Varanasi Undergraduate students had again proved their academic strength by attaining positions in top ten lists of various graduate level programmes (BBA, BCA and B.Com) affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith (MGKVP) University, Varanasi. Ms. Jyoti Choubey of BBA Course has grabbed Gold Medal, as she topped in the University Merit list of BBA Programme followed by Ms. Garima Raj who has grabbed 7th position and Ms. Raj Laxmi wo has taken 8th position in the University Merit list. Further Mr. Samarth Saxena of BCA course has also secured 3rd place in top ten list of MGKVP. Ms. Priya Priyadarshini of BCA course has acquired 5th place whereas Ms. Muskan Gupta has secured 6th place in University Merit List.


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