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International Conference @ SMS Varanasi


Day1Inaugurating a Two day International Conference, 7th in a row, on “Spirituality Beyond Repertoire: A Leadership Key to Societal Happiness and Sustained Harmony” at the Khushipur campus of School of Management Sciences (SMS) on Saturday,


The Chief Guest Mahesh Bhatt (Noted Film Maker, Director and Producer) said that


those who dare to step out the streets of conformity have written the chapter of success of brilliance. You have to confront the darkness and then you will possibly arrive at threshold of Light, he added. He pointed out that Institutions polish pebbles and exclude diamonds. He made a sincere to educational institutions, nations, governments and parents to wake up and let children sing their songs.


In his presidential address, Hon’ble Justice Girdhar Malaviya (Chancellor-Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi) said that Spirituality is when we do things which are beneficial for the society. He said we can learn from our Religious Scriptures as Ramayana and Srimad Bhagwat Gita and should make an effort to follow what has been said there. According to him, spirituality is the only area where we can deny our self interest and do things that benefit the society as a whole


rajesshwarIn his deliberation, Prof. Rajeshwar Acharya, (Noted Hindustani Classical Vocalist and Padamshri Awardee) as Guest of Honour, in his famous style quoted that “Kaisa ab yeh insan ho raha hai, ghar to milte nahi bus makan mil rahan hai”. He further stated that Wisdom starts when Conciousness stops. This is a spiritual bond which entwins and lead to ultimate reality. Emphasizing the importance of management he quoted that even Belief also needs self management.


prof-bpsinghAddressing as a Guest of Honour, Prof. B. P. Singh (Former Dean, Delhi School of Economics) said SMS has been A-Grade Institute way before NAAC. He emphasised on the conditions necessary for social harmony. He said that the power pollutes the society and he further added that anyone who is a repressor will never command love of followers.



Blessing the guest in seminar, Shri Shuddhanandaa Brahmchari (Founder-Loknath Divine Mission) said that as human beings we can learn from each cell of our body that how billions and trillions of these cells are in perfect symphony in this orchestra since we are born. A little alertness, awareness and mindfulness is what we need to bring into our life, he added. He said that this is not a conference but a holy confluence of thought leaders.


Earlier the Guests were welcomed by the Director Prof P.N. Jha who at the end of the inaugural ceremony honoured them with shawl and ICON mementos. The Conference theme was presented by Convener of the Programme, Dr. Pallavi Pathak while the Vote-of-Thanks was given by Prof. Sandeep Singh. On this occasion, ICON Souvenir, carrying 213 abstracts of research papers was released by the Guests in addition to the latest issue of Scopus Indexed Journal “Purushartha”.

The Inaugural session was anchored by Mrs. Veenita Singh. On the occasion, amongst other academic dignitaries, prominent presence included that of Shri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmchari (Founder – Loknath Devine Mission), Mrs. Sayukta Gulati (Metaphysical Consultant), Prof. Anjali Bhelande (RNR College, Mumbai), Swami Dr. Varishthananda Ji (Ramkrishna Mission), Prof. V. S. Somnath (Director – AIMS, Bangalore), Prof. A. K. Singh (Delhi University), Dr. Ari Kamayanti (Peneleh Reserarch Instt., Indonesia), participants from Denmark, USA and Indonesia along with dignitaries from BHU and other Universities across India.

On this occasion, Registrar, Shri Sanjay Gupta and Executive Secretary Dr. M. P. Singh along with other faculty memebers were also present.


Day2On second day, there were two plenary sessions and four parallel technical sessions for research paper presentation purposes. Plenary session -II witnessed the deliberation of Mrs. Sanyukta Gulati, Meta Physics Consultation and Heal your life workshop leader, Prof. Anjali Bhelande, Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai and Swami Varishthananda Ramakrishna Mission. Speaking on topic ”You are your own creation”, Mrs Sanyukta Gulati elaborated upon the different states of mind, universal laws, the placebo effect and the Nocebo effect. She also shared an insightful video on the significance of receiving and disseminating positive frequency to create generative vibrations. Plenary session-III witnessed the deliberation of Prof. P. S. Tripathi, Dean and Head IM-BHU and Prof. Rajiv Prasad, Amrita School of Business Coimbatore. Prof. Tripathi spoke on topic “ Indian Spiritual Foundation for Modern Management. He said Spiritual values lead to harmony at workplace happiness, interconnectedness to others, empathy in decisions and eco-efficiency. He further added that education should be for a better life and not for job.


Technical session -V was chaired by Prof. V.S. Somnath, Director, AIMS Bangalore  and Professor Sandeep Singh, SMS Varanasi. Technical session-VI was chaired by Prof. Ajay Kumar Singh, Delhi University and Prof. R. K. Singh SMS Varanasi.  Technical session-VII was chaired by Dr. Ari Kamayanti, Paneleh Research Institute, Indonesia and Prof. A.K. Singh, SMS Varanasi. Technical session-VIII was chaired by Dr. Aji Mulawarman, Paneleh Research Institute, Indonesia and Dr. Sunil Kumari, Government College, Meham.

The two day lnternational Conference, 7th in a row, on “Spirituality Beyond Repertoire: A Leadership Key to Societal Happiness and Sustained Harmony” came to an end with valedictory session. Prof. S. N. Upadhyay (Noted Scientist and Former Director of IIT, BHU) was the Chief Guest in the Valedictory Session of the Conference. Addressing the conference, Prof. Upadhyay outlined various aspects of Spirituality. He described “Karma’ as Spirituality. He said that ancient city of Kashi is unique in spirituality where devotees with full respect and faith, have friendly behaviour with Gods & Goddess. Spirituality reflects here in practice. He also focussed on various aspects of successful management. Speaking as Special Guest in this function, Dr. Aiay Kumar Singh (Professor, Delhi University) focused on various aspects of management, its need and significance of spirituality in interest of society. Prof. P.N. Jha, Director, SMS, expressed his views on Spirituality and its importance and said that the “lndex of Happiness” is on decline due to scene of hatred, ego, self-interest and communalism in the society. Therefore, utmost spirituality is not reflected in the society. He said that it is a need of hour for people to follow path of full spirituality with a feeling of “Sarva Dharm Hitaya”. Earlier, Director Prof. P.N.Jha and Registrar Shri Sanjay Gupta felicitated the Chief Guest Prof. S. N. Upadhay alongwith Guest of Honor Dr. Alay Kumar Singh and Key- Note Speaker Prof. Rajiv Prasad and other guests with shawl and ICON mementos.

Around 283 Research Papers were recited by the scholars from various lnstitutes from lndia, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal and Denmark. The function was conducted by Dr. Sofia Khan while Vote of Thanks was extended by Convenor of the Conference, Dr. Pallavi Pathak. On this occasion, Registrar, Shri Sanjay Gupta and Executive Secretary Dr. M. P. Singh alongwith other faculty members were also present.


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The LiveWire Club at School of Management Sciences, Varanasi organized “WEBDX”- AN 8 HOURS CONTINUOUS BRAIN STORMING event for students of BCA 6th Semester on 16th February, 2019. This Event was aimed at developing and enhancing crucial skills and competencies among the undergraduate students such as planning and execution of technology based projects, teamwork and coordination, stress management, handling the work pressure, meeting the deadline, division of work, creativity and innovation. Participants were required to design a web portal for “WEBDX” event with specific functionalities classified into three levels of static and dynamic designing. 12 teams, consisting of 4 members including the team leader, from BCA 6th semester participated in the event which took place during 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Khushipur campus of SMS Varanasi. The top three teams received certificate of achievement along with cash prize of 6,000/-, 4,000/- and 2,000/- respectively whereas all participants received the certificate of participation. Also, the winner and runner up teams listed below stand to get a chance of participating into upcoming ‘Tech-Marathon’ to be held in March 2019.

Position Team Number Roll Number Name
FIRST Team 01 BC/19/085 Ritesh Srivastava (Team Leader)
BC/19/129 Vishal Gupta
BC/19/103 Sherai Singh Patel
BC/19/110 Shubhanshu Maurya
SECOND Team 07 BC/19/044 Hritika Srivastava (Team Leader)
BC/19/039 Gaurav Rai
BC/19/043 Harshit
BC/19/086 Ritesh Verma
THIRD Team 09 BC/19/025 Dipali Baranwal (Team Leader)
BC/19/035 Ashutosh Kumar Mishra
BC/19/077 Rama Sharma
BC/19/087 Riya Ghildiyal

The event was organized and coordinated by Shri Ram Gopal Gupta, Associate Professor & Coordinator – LiveWire Club and his team.

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Workshop on MS Word and PowerPoint held at SMS Varanasi


SMS Varanasi organized three day’s workshop (Feb 5-7, 2019) on MS Word and PowerPoint for BBA-IV semester students. The key resource person for the workshop was Mr. Rishi Upadhayaya and Mr. Raj Govind from Sri IT Solutions Varanasi.

Mr. Upadhyaya and Mr. Govind taught student the basics of MS words and PowerPoint to the students and also told importance of these tools in contemporary era, he further elucidated that one should know these basic tool to work and get absorb in the corporate culture, as today’s generation is fully dependent on digital platform. These sessions were very useful to the students as they get to learn many basic and important things and to know the problems and error which we do and get unnoticed in our day to day working activities. Final day of workshop concluded with certificate distribution to the students by the guest, and token of respect to the guest by Mr. Rishi Raman Singh Associate Professor SMS Varanasi.


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TECHNO-10 started at SMS Varanasi

techno_10TECHNO-10 started at SMS Varanasi

Sorreal Systems Pvt. Limited, New Delhi in association with School of Management Sciences, Varanasi has started a unique software development centre at the campus of SMS- Varanasi. As its first initiative, this centre has announced “TECHNO-10: SOFTWARE TRAINEE PROGRAM” which is being organised under the banner of the LIVEWIRE – Technical Club.

The aim of this program is to transform 10 software trainees as software engineers, equipped with the contemporary knowledge and tools of IT, who will be ready to be inducted in the IT industry. As on date total twenty applications are being received. Out of received applications only five have been shortlisted for the purpose of this training program, against available ten seats.

The key objectives of this programme are:

1. To develop the analytical techno brain.
2. To provide real time problem solving exposure using cutting edge technologies.
3. To build up the ability to manage work pressure.
4. To understand the SDLC process practically.


Only those students  are allowed to join who are appearing in MCA 5th Semester Exam, and about to move move to MCA 6th Semester of any institution/ college.

Key benefits of the programs:

1. Sharpen the technical skills
2. Students will equip with solution of IT industry demand.
3. Chance to work on real time environment.
4. Deployment of projects on real time servers accessible from any nook and corner of world.
5. Fulfill the MCA 6th semester student’s industrial project requirement.
6. Chance to grab such opportunity in Varanasi.

Selected students passed through following selection process:

Step 1- Candidates appeared in online examination (technical).
Step 2- Short listed candidate faced interview round.
Step 3- Finally selected software trainees were announced.

Important Dates of the program:

Last Date to apply: 30th December 2018
Online Examination (Technical) Date: 13th January 2019
Interview Date: 13th January 2019
Final List Announcement: 15th January 2019
TECHNO -10 Start Date: 22nd January 2019
TECHNO -10 End Date: 15th May 2019

Venue of selection process & execution of TECHNO-10 Program:
Software Development Centre, Sorreal Systems at School of Management Sciences, Varanasi Campus

For Any Enquiry Contact:

Mr. Ram Gopal Gupta
Coordinator, LiveWire-Technical Club, SMS Varanasi.
Contact- 9839424526

Email –,

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Five Days Tech Series – 2019 @ SMS Varanasi


The LiveWire Club at School of Management Sciences, Varanasi organized 5 days Tech series – 2019 (Jan 28-Feb 01) This series was designed for MCA and BCA students, where student can take part in various events. This Event was aimed at developing and enhancing crucial skills and competencies among the undergraduate students such as planning and execution of technology based projects, teamwork and coordination, stress management, handling the work pressure, meeting the deadline, division of work, creativity and innovation.
Events under Tech series were:

1. Techno Quiz Victor
This is an online quiz event in which participants will find a set of 40 questions and they will have to answer them within 30 minutes. Questions will be based IT fundamentals and programming basics. Participation is not allowed in groups.

2. Code Trouble-shooter
This is an online code troubleshooting event in which participants will get 20 program codes based on C/C++/Java and they have to find errors in them within 30 minutes. Participation will be in groups only (two in each).

3. Code Debugger
Participants will get 5 erroneous programs with their objectives, based on C/C++/Java/JavaScript and they have to do corrections in programs in such a way that stated objective can be met. Time duration of this event is 50 minutes. Participation will be in groups only (two in each).

4. Web Spider
In this event, a web template based on HTML/CSS/JavaScript will be provided to the participants and they have to modify/convert it effectively for the announced topic. Time duration of this event is 2 Hours. Participation will be in groups only (two in each).

Following are the students who achieved success in the various event organised under Tech Series-2019



The event was organized and coordinated by Shri Ram Gopal Gupta, Associate Professor & Coordinator – LiveWire Club and his team.

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Workshop on Tally & GST held at SMS Varanasi


Workshop on Tally & GST held at SMS Varanasi

A six days workshop on “Tally & GST” was organized at School of Management Sciences, Varanasi for its B. Com IIrd year students from January 24-30, 2019 (except 26 Jan). The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Ashish Vishwakarma Chaitanya Prabha Foundation, Varanasi, during the workshop; he focused on the importance of this workshop for commerce graduates and the importance of learning Tally.

Tally, being an important package for maintaining organizational accounts, is a must learn for every commerce graduate for smoothly heading in its career. During the workshop, Mr. Ashish trained students about the basics of the Tally and involved the students in making them learn about operating the Tally software in the real business scenario. He also taught the advanced features of Tally and its uses in maintaining the accounts for an organization. With the help of practical assignments he explained the actual usage of Tally software. He also discussed the about newly introduced GST to the student and its importance in current scenario.


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