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7th Annual Alumni Meet of the Delhi Chapter June, 09, 2018

7th Annual Alumni Meet of the Delhi Chapter June, 09, 2018



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Faculty Development Programme 2018 (JULY 5 TO 11, 2018) @ SMS Varanasi


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TECHNO CAMP-2018 @ SMS Varanasi



School of Management Sciences, Varanasi (Accredited ‘A’ Grade By NAAC) is well known to generate & adopt innovative practices. In the same sequence, Live Wire- Technical Club, SMS Varanasi has taken an innovative initiative to organize a Techno Camp.


Objective: SMS Varanasi is imparting education in the field of management and technology to undergraduate & postgraduate students but we always have thought of how to cater technical skills in the young minds. Only young technical mind can make Smart India. In this direction, Live Wire- Technical Club, SMS Varanasi has taken an innovative step to organize a ‘Techno Camp-2018’with the concept ‘No Barrier between you & technology’. It means a lot that:

    • No Barrier of age you belong,
    • No Barrier of School/ College you belong, and
    • No Barrier of Course you belong.

Only thrust to learn the technology

Techno Camp is one of its unique kind ideas where we are trying to put together all age group participants and serve them technology by adopting such a methodology so that they can understand, practice & implement it. Aim of this initiative is to utilize summer vacation time of school going, under graduate & post graduate students to enhance their programming & software development skills. Techno Camp-2018 offers three tracks:

Track: 1:- 21- hours Java Foundation course;

Track: 2:- 28- hours Web Development using PHP + MySql;

Track: 3:- 21- hours Web Application Development using;

Who Can Participate: No barrier, anyone can participate. Open to all school/ college going students etc. (Not Only for SMS Students)

Prerequisites: Participants have inclination to learn technology is essential with basic programming skills.

Methodology: Methodology of content delivery in all the tracks of Techno Camp will be practical oriented. At the end of each session, online assessment will be conducted so that progress can be monitored. On the basis of this assessment and a final online test, we will declare TOP- 3 of both the tracks separately.

Advantages: It cannot be explained but experienced. Few of them are:

    • Utilize modern IT Infrastructure.
    • Mentorship from highly experienced & certified human resource.
    • Successful track completion certificate.
    • Merit certificate to TOP-3 of each track.
    • Prizes for TOP-3 of each track

Participation Limit: Participation in each track is limit to 50 seats only on the basis of first come first serve (FCFS). A participant can enroll in both the tracks by paying the fee separately.

Fee: Participation fee for tracks are:

Track 1: (21- hours Java Foundation course) INR 1,000/-

Track 2: (28- hours Web Application Development using PHP + MySql) INR 1,500/-

Track 3: (21- hours Web Application Development using INR 1,000/-

Date, Time & Duration:

Track 1: 11th June – 17th June 2018, 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM (3 Hours each day)

Track 2: 11th June – 17th June 2018, 02:00 PM – 06:00 PM (4 Hours each day)

Track 3: 11th June – 17th June 2018, 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM (3 Hours each day)

Venue: Lab No: 08, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi (Kushipur Campus)

Transport: Participants will make their own arrangement.

Resource Person:

Ram Gopal Gupta, SCJP & Associate Professor, SMS Varanasi

Debprio Banerjee, Assistant Professor, SMS Varanasi

Shweta Kumari, Team Leader, Smart India Hackathon 2017 (4th Runner up)

 For any enquiry Contact:

Mr. Ram Gopal Gupta, Associate Professor

Mobile: 9839424526



Track Details & Form Submission: track details & registration form are enclosed herewith. Submit filled-up forms to Mr. Ram Gopal Gupta, Associate Professor, SMS Varanasi.

For regular updates Please download SMSVARANASI Android APP from Google Play

Click to download ‘TECHNO CAMP-2018’ details & REGISTRATION FORM

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French Language Summer Camp @ SMS Varanasi


Centre for Foreign Languages
15 Hours Basic Course in French Language
For the Beginners
Langue Française- Premier Degré

Learn French Language This Summer

At School of Management Sciences, Centre for foreign languages has been especially set up keeping in mind the benefits from the opportunities it creates. Through this endeavour, the students are being exposed to the foreign languages and the culture as well since more than a decade. This year we plan to expand its boundaries in order to accommodate all (outside participants also) those who have a flair for learning new International language within a short period of time.

OBJECTIVE: The course is especially designed to enhance the basic skills in reading, writing and speaking French language with a friendly hand towards an almost effortless Journey towards success. This course will include basic grammar and usage, developing listening, reading and speaking skills, writing skills, general and technical vocabulary and information regarding cultural background of France.

Though in such a short time it is difficult for students to learn a foreign language thoroughly, yet it is believed that by getting to know certain simple and basic things they can take the pride of knowing an international language. Undoubtedly, knowledge of a foreign language adds to one’s competence level.


PREREQUISITES: Participants should have passion and dedication to learn a totally new language

METHODOLOGY: French language will be taught in an easy to learn way taking into consideration difference in learning capacities of the individuals. Audio aids will also be used so that the learners know the real French accent.

At the end of each session, a brief assessment will be done to ensure learners are grasping up to optimum level at least. And to monitor their progress in general assessment will be conducted so that progress can be monitored. Along with 25% weightage of these assessments and a final examination, Certificate will be given to all participants. We will declare TOP- 3 ranks also.

ADVANTAGES: Though in such a short time it is difficult for students to learn a foreign language thoroughly, yet the learners would:-

1. Get to know certain simple and basic things of an altogether new language and Culture
2. Take the pride of knowing an international language.
3. Receive Successful Course completion certificate.
4. Earn Merit certificate to TOP-3 Position holders.
5. Prizes for TOP-3 Position holders.

Participation Limit: Participation in a batch is limited to 40 seats only on the basis of first come first serve .

Fee: Participation fee for the Module :
For a 15 – hours basic : INR 750/-

Date, Time & Duration:

Date :

Batch I
28th May to 3rd June

Batch II
25TH June to 1st July

Timing : 11 : 00 AM – 1:00 PM
Duration : 2 Hours each day

Venue: Room No. 401, PG Building
School of Management Sciences, Varanasi (Khushipur Campus)
Transport: Participants will make their own arrangement.

Resource Person: Dr. Pallavi Pathak (Assistant Professor, SMS Varanasi)

Contact Details:

Dr. Pallavi Pathak
Mobile: 7007828875

Module Details: Module details are enclosed herewith.
Langue Française Premier Degré

Course Module For Basic Course In French Language

Course Duration : 15 Hours

S. No    Contents to be delivered

1. Introduction to French Language : Getting Started
2. Accents, Vowels & Consonants
3. Articles
4. Les salutations (Greetings), les formes de politesse (Etiquette)
5. Les presentations (Intoduction)
6. Noms (nouns) and Expressions; Masculin, féminin ;
7. Singulier (le, la), pluriel (les)
8. Simple Questions and answers (Qu’est-ce que c’est ?)
9. Affirmative and negative forms
10. Expressions Est-ce que and ce sont
11. Check your progress
12. Les nombres de 1 á 20(un , deux etc)
13. Adjectifs ; couleurs (colour names)
14. Les mois (months)
15. Les saisons (seasons), jours de la semaine(days of the week)
16. Prepositions (devant, derrière)
17. La famille (the family)
18. Les souhaits (best wishes)
19. Short Paragraph writing
20. Check your progress

Click to download French Language Summer Camp Registration Form

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A two-day Research workshop entitled “Crafting and conducting High Quality Research” promoted jointly by School of Management Sciences (SMS) Varanasi and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad started at the SMS Varanasi campus on Friday with around 60 participants registering from different parts of the country along with 40 faculty members of the host institution. The programme, being conducted under the aegis of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of SMS Varanasi, got inaugurated by the Resource person, Dr. Vishal Gupta (Associate Professor IIM-A) who is a well-acclaimed trainer on the subject. Opining on the emerging challenges of the Research, Dr. Vishal Gupta highlighted how a research enthusiast can find out a problem from the society and work on it towards its betterment.

iim_workshop_1The first day session was devoted to the crafting aspects of Research like, how to find out a research problem? How to determine the context? How to sense the variables (both dependent and independent)? How to go in for relevant literature, How to identify good readable journals? How to ensure quality aspect in framing a Research proposal? etc. Earlier welcoming the Guest, the Director of the Institute Prof. P. N. Jha highlighted how research aspects are increasingly becoming important in higher education and what needs to be done by the academia so as to have an implementable output for the society. Dr. Anupam Shukla (Associate Professor SMS & Workshop Convener) shared the theme of the workshop. First day session was coordinated by Dr. Pallavi Pathak (Assistant Professor SMS & Workshop Coordinator). Dean (Management) Prof. Sandeep Singh, Dean (Systems & IT) Prof K.S. Mishra, Chairperson-CEISD Prof. R.K. Singh and Dean (R&D) Prof Alok Kumar (IQAC Coordinator) besides the Registrar Shri Sanjay Gupta (all SMS Varanasi) were also present in the event.


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