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Leadership Training Center @ SMS, Varanasi

21st Century Ethical Leadership

Looking to the Effectiveness of Your New or Existing Managers?

We can help your managers to ……….

  • Transform themselves into “integrated human beings”. An individual who is always guided by and generate his strengths from ethical values.
  • Make a transition from being mere “managers” into “leaders with management skills”.
  • Make individuals who generate people’s commitment with organizational DNA to create needed psychological energy to produce world class performances.
  • Motivate and build their teams into high performing units.
  • Lead and implement their aggressive change agenda by keeping the organization one step ahead of changing environment.
  • Delegate work with appropriate empowerment.
  • Improve their soft skills to develop synergy in the environment.

The three modules of training program concentrate on deliberation of leadership concepts, explaining methods of how to become integrated human being, elaboration of leadership functions, and how to perform them in real work scenarios.

The Schedule

Successful completion of training modules will require three full days where one full day is allotted for each module.

The Process

  • The knowledge of the leadership traits and approaches are delivered through well designed PowerPoint presentations by an expert. In every session ample time is given for discussion and queries to enhance two way communication and better learning.
  • Reliable questionnaires with standard assessment techniques are utilized to assess the improvement needs among participants.
  • What makes us unique is that every participant of this program is provided with well designed course material.

Other Activities at the Center

  • The center is rigorously involved in inventing newer dimensions in leadership dynamics through quality research.
  • It regularly publishes its research work in reputed business magazines and journals and is currently involved in the publication of a book in this area.
  • It consistently delivers lectures to students of various educational institutions for shaping their bright future.
  • It is involved in annual publication of research journal “Leadership Dynamics”.

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Dr. Sanjay Saxena
Chief Trainer: Leadership Training Center

Phone:0091-542-2271771, 72 Ext: 409
Mobile: 09452992745


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