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Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith BBA, BCA, Odd Semester Examination Schedule 2014-15


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A+++ Rating Accorded to SMS Varanasi by the Business India B- School Survey 2014

After being rated in the “A++ category” for three consecutive years , SMS Varanasi has been accorded highly prestigious “A+++ Rating” in the B-School Survey conducted by reputed business magazine “Business India”.
The ranking has been published in the issue dated December 8-21, 2014. SMS Varanasi shares All India 51st position with 14 other B Schools of the country including Apeejay School of Management, FMS BHU and NDIM , New Delhi.IMG_0001

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Visit of Foreign Delegates From University of Singapore @ SMS Varanasi

A delegation of 60 research scholars and along with their senior faculty members and director visited School, Of Management Science Varanasi on 5th December 2014.They visited campus to have an interactive session on “GOVERNANCE STUDY PROGRAMME ON RIVER GANGES AND IT’S CLEAN UP MISSION”.
Dignitaries present on the dais were Dr.Wu Xun (Director, Institute of Water Policy, Singapore),Dr.Ora-orn Poocharoen (Professor, University of Singapore),Er .Amitabh (President, Eastern UP Exporter’s Association),Mr.Sandeep Singh (Associate Professor ,SMS Varanasi) and Mr.Kartikey Singh (Assistant Professor, SMS Varanasi)
During his inaugural address Er.Amitabh extended a very welcome to the delegates and the scholars. He further focused on the initiatives being taken by the government for Ganga Clean Up Mission.
During his presentation on “Ganges and Spiritual Dimensions of Varanasi” Prof Sandeep Singh focused on the history of Varanasi and River Ganges. He depicted the religious importance of the river and it’s relation to the city. During his deliberation he also emphasized on the importance of Dharma, Artha Kama, and Moksha and how these aspect of life can be associated with the city (Varanasi) and river Ganges.
During his Presentation on “Handloom and Handicraft Industry” Prof.Kartikeya Singh focused on the prevailing condition of Handloom as well as power loom industry with special reference to Varanasi. He also emphasized on the policies of Indian Government to tackle the grievances of above mentioned causes.
Finally in the last presentation on “Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Models for Industries along the Ganges” Prof.Raj Kumar Singh primarily discussed the issues related to pollution of river Ganges and the measures to overcome it. He further focused on how sustainable business models can be implemented in the present prevailing condition of Varanasi.
Lastly Dr.Wu Xun and Dr.Ora shared their views on the session and appreciated the efforts of the student’s of SMS Varanasi and institute itself in the Ganga Clean Up Mission.
At the end of the session delegates explored the campus of SMS, Varanasi along with interaction with the students of the institute. They admired the green lush infrastructure and the intellectual level of the students.
Felicitation of the delegates was done by Er.Amitabh.
Vote of thanks was given by Prof.Sandeep Singh.

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