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Business Skill Development Programme @ School of Management Sciences ,Varanasi Campus


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Please Vote: Do you think FDI in Aviation will mark the end of turbulent times in Indian Aviation Industry?

<form method=post action=”″><table border=0 width=500 bgcolor=”EEEEEE” cellspacing=2 cellpadding=0><tr><td width=500><font face=”Verdana” size=-1 color=”000000″><b>Do you think FDI in Aviation will mark the end of turbulent times in Indian Aviation Industry?</b></font></td></tr><tr><td width=500 align=center><font face=”Verdana” size=-1 color=”000000″><input type=radio name=answer value=”1″>Yes <input type=radio name=answer value=”2″>No <input type=radio name=answer value=”3″>Cant Say <input type=submit value=”Vote”>&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=submit name=view value=”View”></td></tr><tr><td colspan=2 align=right><font face=”Verdana” size=-2 color=”000000″> <a href=>free polls</a>&nbsp;</font></td></tr></table></form>

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SMS Invites Applications for Postgraduate Management Programs

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Guest Lecture Series @ SMS, Varanasi


As a part of the Guest Lecture Series @SMS,Varanasi Prof. Pramod Pathak from Department of Management Studies, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad interacted with the PGDM students on the topic “PSYCHOLOGY IN MANAGEMENT”.

Some highlights were:
Today also management comprises of only 2 things-Technology & Psychology;
Motivation is the essence of human behaviour; essential features of a manager’s job is to understand the human behaviour, predict it and modify it if possible.

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