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Colgate-Palmolive India Ltd. visited SMS Varanasi for campus placement and selected PGDM students

Colgate-Palmolive India Ltd. visited SMS Varanasi for campus placement and selected PGDM students

We congratulate Mr. Gaurav Maulick for his campus selection in Colgate-Palmolive India Ltd.

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TECH MARATHON-2015- A 24hrs Techno Brain Race-2


As a part of technical and practical learning, a simulation based competition ‘Tech Marathon’ organized for MCA students ended after a 24-hour continuous run at the Khushipur campus of School of Management Sciences (SMS) Varanasi from 15th oct 2015 to 16th oct 2015. The competition was unique in the sense that it aimed at honing the skills of teamwork amongst students, a necessary ingredient in software development and also how to work under stressful conditions of deadlines, which is always demanded from the client side in typical business scenario. The team-centric event comprised of development of a web application “Pratispardha” to manage the various contests of all the clubs of SMS, Varanasi (archived-year wise)


The application development had some constraints and requirements to be incorporated in the web app to be developed by the students. The application had 3 levels of authorities with different roles of admin, club coordinators and participant for whom the interface and the functionality were to be clearly demarcated like:-.

• Addition/ Deletion, Modification, Club List.
• Allotment, Log in authentication (Admin/coordinator/participant).
• Listing and scheduling of events
• Managing Results
• Notifications


Addressing the 64 participants comprising of 16 group of 4 each, Prof P.N Jha (Director, SMS,Varanasi) hailed the efforts from both sides-faculty and students owing to which this unique exercise got organized flawlessly for continuous 24 hours where students stayed at the campus day-night.
The winners for the contest were:-
1st Position

1 Neha Gupta
2 Jagriti Pandey
3 Jyoti Yadav
4 Amrita Srivastava

2nd Position

5 Shivam Srivastava
6 Ankit Rai
7 Kapish Pandey
8 Ravi Prakash Singh

3rd Position
9 Prashant
10 Pushpendra
11 Suryadeep
12 Anish

Consolation Prizes

13 Harsha Kumar Dubey
14 Rakesh Kaant Gupta
15 Reetesh Kumar Gupta
16 Vinay Kumar Gupta

On the occasion MCA coordinator Shri SS Srivastava,Prof Ram Gopal Gupta,Prof Abhishek Srivastava and a technical team comprising of Shri Pradeep Srivastava (Manager-IT), Shri Debpriyo Banerjee (System Administrator) Shri Sushil Singh and Shri KN Chaubey (both Sr. programmers) were also present.


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