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GD/PI Schedule for PGDM Admission 2013 @ SMS, Varanasi


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C-SHE organized ‘Course in Mindfulness’ for Rotary Club Members @ Mumbai


Title: Course in Mindfulness

Date: 16th May 2013

Venue: Emerald Hall, Hotel Taj Mahal, Colaba, Mumbai

Participants: Participants included exclusive Rotary Club members ( President, Gen Sc and all top members ). The number of participants were 52.

Organizers: School of Management Sciences (SMS Varanasi) and Stress Management Academy (SMA) – powered by Centre for Spiritualism and Human Enrichment (C-SHE)

Program Proceedings and Details:

SMS Varanasi and Stress Management Academy – powered by C-SHE organized a one day unique program titled ‘Course in Mindfulness’ – resurgence Stress Management Program ,for the top brass of Rotary Club. The program was conducted by Sri Sri Suddhanandaji Bhramachari.

The program began by Past President of Rotary Club Shri Vimal Shah introducing SMS Varanasi and C-She and Stress Management Academy. He further read out the detailed profile of Babaji .

Babaji then conducted a 3 hour session followed by some Yoga practices which are of immense use in a persons daily life. The program was well appreciated by all the participants and they thanked SMS Varanasi, C-SHE and Stress Management Academy for providing them an opportunity to attend the unique program
The Rotary Club speakers said that in today’s stress life it is imperative to popularize such programs in the all walks of life which will pave the way for the new generation enlightened and authentic leaders. They spoke on how such programs will help to create an appropriate environment in striking a smooth and well balanced chord between spiritualism and materialism

Training Session

• Babaji , began the program by invocation of the presence through collective meditation. He stressed on the concept of BEING rather than DOING. He stressed on the concept of creating a holistic balance between the left and the right brain. Babaji used specific examples of how top corporates like Google, General Motors, Apple, Intel, Twitter, Facebook, Target, Aetna, Nexterra, and many others have already incorporated Meditation and Mindfulness into mainstream human resource development. He touched upon the fruits of MINDFULNESS practice and the art to do so. Babaji demonstrated and made participants practice many techniques of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. This was followed by explaining the 5 steps of Mindfulness


• Yoga , Stretches, Chi Practices and Healings
• Stretching, Yoga postures, torso twisting, stretch ups , shoulder rotations ,pranic healings and cleansing
• Kapalbharti, brahamari, Bee breathing and eye exercise


• ABC of mindfulness
• Daily Mindfulness Techniques
• Live Life Inside Out
• Oneness and Harmony for global peace
• Isha Vashyam
• Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
• Art of Giving
• Service as Compassion in Action

• Chanakyas model for economic ethics

Lastly Babaji stressed on the TRAITS of a wise leader

All the above mentioned techniques were demonstrated by Babaji and practiced by all participants.

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Campus Placement 2012-13: Campus Placement of two PGDM students from SMS, Varanasi @ Apollo Tyres Ltd.

Notice_Apollo Tyres Ltd._Result3301

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Campus Placement 2012-13: Reliance Retail Ltd. Shortlisted 4 PGDM students from SMS, Varanasi for final round of Campus Interview

Notice_Reliance Retail Ltd. _Final Round3291

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President of India-Sri Pranav Mukharjee, appreciated Invention of ‘Air-O-Bike’ designed and developed by Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director(R&D), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow and team of B.Tech. students


President of India-Sri Pranav Mukharjee, discussing about Invention of ‘Air-O-Bike’ with Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director(R&D), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow and team of B.Tech. students on 10th May’ 2013.
Air-O-Bike is a motorbike that runs on compressed air. The engine, in its present design , holds 20 bar of air pressure, sufficient to be used for 30-40 minutes or run 30 km.
a motorbike powered with the air-engine can run at 70-80 km per hour and cover 40 km just for Rs 5.
President appreciated the Innovation for betterment of society and blessed that it should get expedited for commercial use.
Hindustan Times e-Paper - Hindustan Times (Lucknow) - 10 May 2013 - Page #41

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Campus Placement 2012-13: Ceasefire Industries Ltd. offered Campus Placement to two PGDM students of SMS, Varanasi

Notice_Ceasefire Industries Ltd._Result3281

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Campus placement 2012-13: Six PGDM Students from SMS, Varanasi Cleared the online Recruitment test of Axis Bank Ltd.

Notice_Axis Bank_Online Result3251

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