Techno-10 (Software Trainee Program) Concluded (Jan-May 2019)

techno10 banner.jpg

Techno-10 (Software Trainee Program) has been concluded with certificate distribution. This program was a software trainee program conducted at SMS Varanasi Campus in collaboration with Sorreal Systems Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi under the banner of LiveWire Technical Club.


The objective of this program to select only 10 MCA 6th SEM students from any college/ university and equip them with emerging technologies and skills so that they may become capable to face any technical challenges. With this objective, 5 candidates found suitable after rigorous selection rounds for this program. They have gone through the training from Jan- May 2019 and as an outcome of Techno-10 (Software Trainee Program)  theses trainees  launched and worked on (A startup of SMS Varanasi BCA student Mr. Sherai Singh Patel and his friend Vishnu Kant Singh).

This work also fulfills their MCA 6th Sem Industrial Project Internship.

Five Trainees which were selected for Techno-10 (Software Trainee Program) are:

  1. MS. ADITYA SINGH, RSMT College Varanasi
  2. MR. PIYUSH PARASAR, RSMT College Varanasi
  3. MS. SHALINI SINGH, RSMT College Varanasi
  4. MS. SHREYA TRIPATHI, RSMT College Varanasi
  5. MS. VISHNUPRIYA, RSMT College Varanasi


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