School of management Sciences has organized ‘TECH MARATHON-A 16hrs Techno Brain Race-7’ event for the MCA 4th students & WebDx Winners of its Varanasi campus. The focal appeal of this competitive event was that the students had to form a team of four participants to develop a Web Application within a time limit of 16 hrs. The event started on 06th April, 2019 (Saturday) at 05:00 PM sharp and ended on 07th April, 2019 (Sunday) at 09:00 AM. The key features of this event were:

Event Objective: Team work, delivery in dead-line, perform in stress conditions

Duration:16 hrs (05:00 PM, 06th April 2019 to 09:00 AM, 07th April 2019)

Type: Team Activity

Team Size: 4 Members (including Team Leader)

Restrictions: No restrictions, full freedom

Problem Statement of the event: In a good academic institution, journals are published. Journal is a collection of accepted research papers in a books format. Sometimes an institution is publishing more than one journal in different areas like management, computer, spirituality, entrepreneurship etc. Each journal has an editor-in-chief and authorizes to manage them. These journals are exchanged by other institutions or subscribed by any institution/ individual and recording of this information mostly done manually.

Students were expected to form an automated J-ESS web based system for an institution which should be capable to do the following tasks:

TASK 1. Manage journals of Institution (add, modify, delete, listing) for example college ‘SMS VARANASI’ has four journals Purushartha, Management Insight, Entrepreneurship and Computing Trendz, this list may increase in future.

TASK 2. Manage authorities of Journals (add, modify, delete, listing) for example Mr. X has authority of Journal ‘J1’ therefore only he will be able to handle all task related his assigned journal.

TASK 3. Manage exchange of journals with other colleges for example SMS VARANASI is exchanging Journal ‘Computing Trendz’ with ‘Journal1’ of College ‘A’, Journal ‘Management Insight’ with ‘Journal2’ of College ‘A’ and Journal ‘Purushartha’ with ‘Journal3’ of College ‘B’.

TASK 4. Ensure that two journals of same college should not exchange with one journal of a college for example SMS VARANASI is exchanging Journal ‘Computing Trendz’ with ‘Journal1’ of College ‘A’ and Journal ‘Management Insight’ with ‘Journal1’ of College ‘A’.

TASK 5. Manage Subscription schemes for journals like separate and combo with one year and two year option for more details you can visit publication section of smsvaranasi website.

TASK 6. Manage Journal subscription from an individual/ institution for example Mr. Y or any institution subscribed a Journal ‘Computing Trendz’.

TASK 7. Manage list of exchanged and subscribed journal details with date of subscription/exchange, date of renewal/ withdrawal, type of subscript.

Event was successfully organized by Associate Professor and Coordinator of LiveWire Technical Club Mr. Ram Gopal Gupta along with Associate Professor Mr. Shambhu Sharan Srivastava. Mr. Debprio Banerjee & Mr. Vijay Yadav provided technical support for smooth conduction of event. Top three winners of the competition were provided cash prizes of Rs 8,000; Rs 6,000 & Rs 4,000 in accordance with their position. Winners were:



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