APRAJITA: 100 MILLION SMILES Workshop @ SMS Varanasi



SMS Varanasi oraganised Self Defence Karate training workshop under Mission ‘Aprajita’ by Amar Ujala and Vodafone Sakhi. Girls from all the courses participated in the event with great enthusiasm. Under the supervision of Registrar Mr Sanjay Gupta. Team of Manav academy of martial art, Divya and Anita taught the students how to safeguard ourself in any kind of adverse situations.

apraji_1 (1).jpg

Students were also taught the right way to puch and many other karate technique. Vodaphone sakhi motivated students that in case any person during their travel try to harass or harm them, they should not keep quite rather they should become rebellion and face them with confidence and attitude. Students were also told about the different features of vodaphone sakhi services where they learned how they can send location alert even if there is no balance and internet connection, they also got to know about recharging their phone without giving their number. There is also facility of emergency call which can be called upto 10 minutes, for activiting this services female vodaphone subscriber has to call toll free number 1800-123-100.


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