One Week Certification Course in French Language held @ SMS Varanasi


Centre for Foreign Languages, School of Management Sciences organized a week long French Language Summer camp for the beginners Langue Française- Premier Degré (Basic Course in French Language) from May 28 to June 3rd. 2018. Certification Course was open to all school and college students, professionals as well as housewives.

On the last day Prof. P.N.Jha, Director, SMS Varanasi distributed trophies and Certificates to the First, Second and Third position holders and Certificate of Participation to all the participants of the course who ranged from Primary School students to the Post Graduates. Dr. Pallavi Pathak, Coordinator, Centre for Foreign Languages conducted these classes.


Contents covered in the one week course was-

1. Introduction to French Language: Getting Started
2. Accents, Vowels & Consonants
3. Articles
4. Les salutations (Greetings), les formes de politesse (Etiquette)
5. Les presentations (Intoduction)
6. Noms (nouns) and Expressions; Masculin, féminin ;
7. Singulier (le, la), pluriel (les)
8. Simple Questions and answers (Qu’est-ce que c’est ?)
9. Affirmative and negative forms
10. Expressions Est-ce que and ce sont
11. Check your progress
12. Les nombres de 1 á 20(un , deux etc)
13. Adjectifs ; couleurs (colour names)
14. Les mois (months)
15. Les saisons (seasons), jours de la semaine(days of the week)
16. Prepositions (devant, derrière)
17. La famille (the family)
18. Les souhaits (best wishes)
19. Short Paragraph writing
20. Check your progress

The next batch for French Language Course is scheduled from 25th June to 1st July, 2018.


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