Tech Series – 2017 held at SMS Varanasi

Banner Live Wire 30 October 2017

Livewire Technical Club of SMS Varanasi recently organized “Tech Series – 2017”. More than 165 students of BCA and MCA courses of institute participated in the competition held on 30th October, 2017. Venue of the event was computer center of the institute. It had following four competitive events:

    1. Techno Quiz Victor
    1. Code troubleshooter
    1. Code Debugger
    1. Web spider

Students passed through due registration process and thereafter participated in the event as per below mentioned schedule-

    1. Techno Quiz Victor : 11:10 AM – 11:40 AM (30 Minutes)
    1. Code troubleshooter : 11:55 AM – 12:25 PM (30 Minutes)
    1. Code Debugger : 01:00 PM – 01:30 PM (30 Minutes)
    1. Web spider : 01:50 PM – 03:50 PM (2 Hours)

Techno Quiz Victor was an online quiz event in which participants found a set of 40 questions to be answered them within 30 minutes time. Questions were based on IT fundamentals and programming basics. Only individual Participation was allowed.

Code Troubleshooter was an online code troubleshooting event in which participants got 20 program codes based on C/C++/Java and they were to find errors in them within 30 minutes. Group participation was allowed (two students in a group).

Code Debugger Participants got 5 erroneous programs with their objectives, based on C/C++/Java/ JavaScript and they had to do corrections in programs in such a way that stated objective can be met. Participation had to be in groups only (two in each group).

Web Spider had involvement of a web template based on HTML/CSS/JavaScript and they had to modify/convert it effectively for the announced topic. Participation had to be in groups only (two in each).

Mr. Ram Gopal Gupta was the coordinator of the event. He organized the event with faculty and staff members including Mr. S.S. Srivastava, Mr. V. C. Sharma, Mr. Debprio Banerjee and Mr. Sushil Singh.

Results of the events were as follows:



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