Mini Tech-Marathon Competition held at SMS Varanasi


Mini-Tech Marathon Intra-Institute Competition held for BCA sixth semester students at SMS Varanasi campus. Total 5 groups of four students each qualified for competition. Competition was scheduled for continuous eight hours.
The topic of competition was Web-site development for world-peace and students were free to use any web development tool or language to develop required website.
This competition was divided in to three phases and their evaluation was also done on the same phase basis. It was an open-ended competition, which means student groups may use books or even access web-sites online..
Winners of the competition were
First Prize

Milan saluja
Ayushmaan verma
Ashutosh kumar patel
Ravi shankar gupta

Second Prize

neshat imam
aparajita Mishra
sushmita kumara
chinmay vivek

Third Prize

Gajendra singh
Ashish kumar pal
Anand jagannath
Sanjeev singh
Other two group who participated in competition included Devendra kumar singh, Harshita Pathak, Shivani gupta, Tushar sharma & Amit kumar singh , Nitin pandey, Urvashi Tiwari, Nishant kumar. .

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