Inaugural Session of the “ICON 2016”-Three days International Conference on “Emerging Strides in Innovations and Skill Development: A Sustainable Perspective” @ SMS Varanasi

icon_1The three day International Conference entitled “Emerging strides in innovations and skill development: A sustainable perspective” organized by School of Management Sciences (SMS) Varanasi in association with California State University, USA, Claflin University USA, Eastern UP Exporters’ Association (EUPEA), PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) and Varanasi Management Association (VMA) was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Shri GK Pillai (MD & CEO Walchand Nagar Industries) with Prof. S. K. Kak (Former Vice Chancellor MMTU-Noida), Prof. Ashish Chandra (University of Houston, Texas, USA), Prof. B. P. Singh (Former-Head & Dean, Delhi School of Economics), Dr. M. P. Singh (Executive Secretary-SMS Varanasi), Dr. K. S. Mishra (Prof.-SMS Varanasi), Prof. R. K. Singh (Prof.-SMS Varanasi) amidst a huge gathering of more than 250 delegates. These delegates were from different parts of India and outside India.

ICON-2016Session started with garlanding the statue of goddess Saraswati and ligting the lamp. Director of SMS Varanasi Prof. P. N. Jha delivered welcome address and expressed his thankfulness to all the guests and particpants for partcipitaning in Inaugural session of ICON-2016. He spoke about objectives of conference and informed the audience about achievements of SMS Varanasi on different platforms. He has specifically mentioned that SMS Varanasi holdsrank amongst Top-50 B-School of India. He discussed about the importance of skill development and need of creativity in overall development of country. He also emphasised upon the value based development for betterment of all the stakeholders of society. He appreciated the skill development initiatives by Government and said that India is among Top-5 start-up countries.

Prof. Ashish Chandra, University of Houston, Texas, USA said that every person present in the conference has potential to become CEO. He compiled his deleberation under two headings- Friend and Enemy. He said a person himself can be his best friend or worst enemy. An individual’s good qualities are his friends and bad qualities are enemies. He suggested that an individual should always try to come out of his comfort zone then only success can be achieved. He suggested to become good corporate citizen as well as global citizen.

ICON-2016Prof. B. P. Singh, Former-Head & Dean, Delhi School of Economics spoke on relationship among the factors- Population of youth in India, Status of high unemployment and Entrepreneurial possibilities thorugh skill development in India. He said that by working on skill development we can make millions of youth of India employable and a kind of sustainability can be developed. He shared the data that skilled workforce in India is only 2% whereas in South korea this is 96% and in Japan it is close to 80%. India holds 76th position in the listof 134 countries in the world.

In his deliberation Mr. G. k. Pillai, MD & CEO Walchand Nagar Industries, also emphasised on need of innovation and skill development. He talked about the requirement of leaders in different domains of innovation and skill development. He clarified that innovation can be done by leaders only and not managers. He spoke that India has immense potential for industrial base and skilled workforce. We need to innovate all the processes for increasing their effectiveness. Skill development can be attained thorugh rigorous discipline. Everyperson can innovate in their own area. Innovation can be acquired through passion in concerned area.

ICON-2016In his Presidential address, Prof. S. K. Kak, Former Vice Chancellor MMTU-Noida, said that his generation has high hopes, expectations and demands from Indian youth. He emphasised that only high production level and innovation in processes can not make our country, but becoming good human being is more important. He suggested on developing positive attitude is utmost requirement for overall progress. Mere enhancement of technology is not sufficient. He raised the questions on our schooling system as well. He said that now-a-days information gets obsolete very fast, so in place of gathering information we should focus on learning skills. He should develop ability to understand, learn and innovate.

The Conference theme was presented by Prof. RK Singh while the vote-of-thanks was given by Prof K.S. Mishra. Guests released the Conference Souvenir.

The entire Conference is divided into four plenary and five technical sessions. The other eminent speakers who are joining the Conference proceedings include Prof. K. B. Gupta (IIM-Lucknow), Prof. B. P. Singh (Former Head & Dean, Delhi School of Economics), Mr. Sanjay Singhal (Founder & Principal Consultant, Strategizers), Mr. Praphull Mishra (MD & CEO,, Prof. P. K. Mishra (IIT-BHU), Prof A. K. Mittal (IIT-Kanpur), Mr. D. K. Srivastava (ED-QCFI) and Dr. Ashok Rai (President QCFI Varanasi Chapter).

The Valedictory address would be given by Prof. Prithvish Nag (VC-Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith) on Monday. The participants are from different places in India including places like Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu besides Varanasi and several locations outside India which includes USA, Middle-east countries and Sri Lanka.

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