Workshop on Business Analytics at SMS Varanasi


A five-day’s workshop on ‘Business Analytics using SAS’ for held at School of Management Sciences, Varanasi from 27th September, 2015 to 1st October, 2015. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Shubham Pandey on behalf of Intaglio Solutions, New Delhi. The intent of this workshop was to acquaint the PGDM-III Semester students with various dimensions of business analytics and the statistical tool ‘SAS’.

At the end of the course, the participants were be able to understand the role of business analytics within an organization, Analyze data using statistical tools and data mining techniques and understand relationships between the underlying business processes of an organization. They were also trained to use various decision-making tools, some advanced analytical tools to analyze complex problems under uncertainty, manage business processes using analytical and management tools, use analytics in customer requirement analysis, general management, marketing, finance, operations and supply chain management.
The students were given various case studies to analyze and solve problems from different industries such as manufacturing, service, retail, software, banking and finance, sports, pharmaceutical, aerospace etc.
The workshop was arranged by Mr. Rishi Raman Singh (Coordinator, PGDM Programme) and Mr. Shubhagata Roy (Assistant Professor, SMS, Varanasi).


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