MDP on Individual Motivation and Decision Making @ NTPC Patna

A Two-days MDP titled “Individual Motivation and Decision Making” was conducted on September 22 & 23, 2014 for NTPC’s ERHQ-1 E1 to E6 Executives at Patna by Mr. Navin Kumar, Assistant Professor & Manager(Training and Consultancy), SMS Varanasi.
Day 1 was devoted to Individual Motivation and the executives filled up a questionnaire to gauge their own level of motivation. They participated in activities and brainstorming sessions to further enhance their understanding of the dynamics of self-motivation, hygiene factors and the varying role of task complexity on motivation levels in an organization.
The workshop was able to establish in their minds that the conventional notions of motivation in an organizational setting need to be revisited and how practical inputs about own self and their subordinates’ leads to enhancement of productivity.

Day 2 was devoted to explore the intricacies of problem solving and decision making especially at the organizational level. The workshop was instrumental in putting creativity in the right perspective and dispelled myths related to process of creativity, decision making, and problem solving.


The participants learnt about mind maps, six thinking hats for better individual and group decision making. The trainees also engaged themselves in games and activities to understand Affinity Diagram, Force Field Analysis, Delphi technique, and other tools of decision making. On both the days the participants sought suggestions to their workplace related issues with regard to both the topics.

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