Awareness Program on Corporate Social Responsibility @ NTPC Kahalgaon

A two day workshop to create awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the employees of NTPC Kahalgaon was conducted on September 10-11, 2014 by Mr Navin Kumar, Asst Professor & Manager Training & consultancy , SMS varanasi .
The first day i.e., September 10 was attended exclusively by the Executive from different departments of NTPC’s Kahalgaon Super Thermal Power Plant. The second day was for the non-executives working in various departments of the power station.

The executives were explained in detail the terms Sustainability, Sustainable Development, and CSR. After quickly evaluating their understanding of the above terms the interplay of these three concepts was also elaborated to them. The history and development of CSR and how undertaking such activity also makes astute business sense was described to them. Also the section 135 of Companies Act, 2013 as applicable in India, different activities which have been categorized as CSR activities were covered along with the rules/ notifications to implement the same were dwelled upon extensively. A brief review about NTPC’s CSR activities and what other power generation companies around the world are doing under the umbrella of CSR and Sustainable Development were also discussed.
The non-executives who attended the CSR awareness workshop on September 11, 2014 were explained in detail about the path breaking CSR activities undertaken by NTPC at all of its power stations. The non-executives also discussed how they could step up their contribution to the present CSR activities being under taken at Kahalgaon Power Station. The 2 day workshop was well received by the participants for the fact that this was the first such training program attended by them.

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