SMS felicitates Prof. A. N. Rai and Lieutenant General M. M. Lakhera

School of Management Sciences felicitated the two luminaries – Lieutenant General M.M. Lakhera (Former Governor, Mizoram) and Prof. A. N. Rai (Director NAAC, Bangalore) on their maiden visit to its Khushipur campus. Lieutenant General M. M. Lakhera in his talk urged the students to develop the ability to hard work and have clear aims in life. He further enlightened the students on the quality of positive thinking, time management, character of conviction and communication skills and their relevance in professional and personal life.
Prof. A. N. Rai told students to work towards seeking knowledge which requires exploring the various learning resources. He talked on focus, commitment and controlling the senses inwards which requires consistent upgradation of knowledge and withdrawing from the world through focused approach. He further emphasized on consistent refreshing, training, retraining and developing modules for bridging the skill gap persisting between the educational institutions and corporate.
Earlier, Director SMS, Prof. P. N. Jha in his welcome address said that SMS is fortunate enough to have the blessings and guidance of such luminaries in public life from time to time who consistently inspire us to set high standards in our academic endeavours and showcase strong commitment for shaping the better future of our students. He elaborated the efforts undertaken by the institution since inception to inculcate and integrate ethics, values and spirituality with the contemporary management practices which has been appreciated and acclaimed both at the national and international level. Both the distinguished guests, Prof. A. N. Rai and Lieutenant General M. M. Lakhera were felicitated by the Executive Secretary, Dr. M. P. Singh and Director, Prof. P. N. Jha by presenting a shawl and memento to honour their gracious presence amongst us.
At the end the vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. A. K. Mishra (member, Governing Council, SMS). The session was coordinated by Dr. Meenakshi Singh, (Reader and Coordinator, PGDM).

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