Hi-Life Lecture Series @ SMS Varanasi

On Saturday January 12, 2013, Reverend Patrick McCollum (founder of Patrick McCollum Foundation, USA and recipient of Mahatma Gandhi Award) and Dr. Harriet Nettles (Educational Psychologist, USA) visited School of Management Sciences, Varanasi. Reverend Patrick McCollum and Dr. Harriet Nettles were here to deliver a guest lecture on the theme of spirituality and human values, in the Hi Life Lecture Series organized by the Centre for Spiritualism and Human Enrichment (CSHE). On this occasion, Reverend Patrick McCollum and Dr. Harriet Nettles shared their views with the PGDM II and IV Semester students, faculty and staff members of School of Management Sciences, Varanasi .
Dr. Nettles, who also happens to be a Yoga Trainer, said that Yoga is the gift of Life and Peace given by India to the world and every person should practice Yoga to survive in today’s fast moving world. Emphasizing on the importance of Spirituality Dr Nettles said that Spirituality provides a platform on which the world can be made a better place to live.
Speaking on the occasion, Reverend Patrick McCollum, a dedicated warrior for human rights, social justice and pluralism, said, “Before I die, I must see the world with global peace and sanctity of life for everyone”. The old model of this society is changing where the experienced and wise men used to excel. Now this model is being replaced by the new model where people suppress others to achieve greatness. He urged the young generation to come forward and take this grave responsibility of changing the world and making it a place of divinity and happiness.
He further elaborated that money can’t buy you happiness. If earning money was the ultimate way towards peace and happiness, then 20 percent people, who hold 80 percent wealth of the world, would have been the happiest souls. To achieve the supreme peace of mind and soul, we have to do something substantial for the wellbeing of humanity.

Earlier Dr. Sanjay Saxena, Associate Professor, SMS,Varanasi welcomed the guests and appraised them with the works and developments at CSHE and SMS,Varanasi . Dr Saxena also felicitated the guests with memento and shawl. Mr. Sandeep Singh, Associate Professor, SMS Varanasi proposed Vote of Thanks. Dr. Meenakshi Singh, Senior Lecturer, SMS coordinated the session and Mr. Anindo Bhattacharjee, Lecturer, SMS ensured the presence of Guests at SMS Varanasi.

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