H R Conclave 2012 at SMS-TC, Lucknow

Human Resource plays an important role in the future of Indian economy. School of Management Sciences, Lucknow organized H.R.-Conclave’ 2012 in collaboration with CII, U.P. Chapter on 28th September, 2012.

The program started with the welcome address of C.E.O. of School of Management Sciences Mr. Sharad Singh. He welcomed Honorable Minister of State Uttar Pradesh (Independent Charge) Shri Arvind Singh ‘Gope’, Mr. G.B. Patnaik Principal Secretary to Honorable Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Alok Saxena, Chairman CII, U.P. Chapter. Mr. Jayant Krishna, Principle Consultant TATA Consultancy Services, Dr. C.M. Dwivedi Global Head (HRD) Datamatics Global Services and H.R. Heads of some of India’s top companies too participated in the conclave. Mr. Singh said that, “Now the time has come for reducing the distance between corporate and educationists. Practice and theory put together will allow for quantum jump of Indian Economy”.

In his address, Chief Guest Honorable Minister Mr. Arvind Singh ‘Gope’ shared his views and said “Entire world is recovering from recession and this is the right time for improving skills of corporate workers”. He advised, H.R. heads of corporate sector for taking care of workers, so that they can give their best to the organization. He further reiterated to the heads of corporate houses that workers who were retrenched in the recession period must be re-instantiated & this process should be quick.

The guest of honor Mr. G.B. Pattnaik Principle Secretary to Honorable Governor Uttar Pradesh, voiced his opinion in favour of giving the humane touch to the work force by corporate houses. He also said, “Today’s corporate houses employ bright & intelligent youth giving them the best salary in industry but they seldom focus on their family life and stressed out working conditions.

Mr. Jayant Krishna, Chief Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) said, “Human Resources has always been in need for improvement of bottom and top line workers”. This can be achieved by improved co-operation and training of human resource. He added that, in the present world everything is performance driven and to achieve excellence in performance, organizations need to focus on employees and infact more than their customers. Center of gravity of global business is shifting Asia and companies from India are acquiring foreign companies. Hence, now the world is becoming flatter and Indian work force is now treated as global citizens.

Mr. Alok Saxena, Chairman CII U.P. addressed H.R. heads of the different corporate houses and said that “Economic health of any organization is linked with the H.R. policies of that particular company. Our human resource has to be flexible, as per the need and demand of time. India and other emerging countries has combination of cheap labor and modern technology, which can push forward our corporate sector.

Dr. C.M. Dwivedi asserted that, “Future of economic leadership will depend greatly on human resource”. He stressed upon the different aspects of human resource and their impact on Indian context. He further said that, only 45 % of the graduates are employable and the remaining lot needs to be brushed up according to the corporate demand, in which the concept of finishing school may play a great role. It’s a matter of pride for India that, in the world only 3 companies are 6 sigma certified of which apart from global giants G.E. and Motorola the third one is Mumbai Dabbawala. Human Resource community may also look in the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, while recruiting, in which they can consider differently abled people as employees in their different functions.

Ms. Kiran Singh G.M Mother Dairy put forward options available with human resources and said, in times to come, state of Indian economy will be shaped by human resource.

During the course of the conclave the H.R. Heads of different companies discussed the various aspects and issues related to human resource and ways of enriching human resource.
The conference gave really fruitful insights to the HR matters starting from recruitment and ending towards change management. All the speakers focussed on the upcoming challenges in HR & SHRM arena and discovering new horizons. It was beneficial in a multidisciplinary manner not only for the students but also for the HR dignitories of various reputed corporate houses.

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