SMS Faculty Members honoured for their Teaching contribution

Two of the senior faculty members from SMS Varanasi, Mr. Alok Kumar & Dr. Sanjay Saxena (both Associate Professors-Management) were selected by Career Launcher (CL) amongst about 50 teachers who were honoured for exemplary services in the education sector in Varanasi city. The ‘Teachers’ felicitation ceremony’ was organised at Hotel Diamond, Varanasi on Sunday, September 9, 2012. The Chief Guest on the occasion was the famous ‘SRINI’ (R. Srinivas, an alumnus of IIM-Bangalore), founder member of CL Educate (Career Launcher India Ltd.). It is needless to mention that CL Educate, since 1995, has focused on academic excellence, technological innovation and domain expertise to work towards its core objective of ‘Enabling individuals to realize their potential and making their career dreams come true.

‘SRINI’ honoured the teachers with a citation, an angavastram and a memorablia. The teachers were from various schools/colleges and Universities of the Varanasi city.

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