SMS Varanasi proudly introduce pioneering issue of Journal – COMPUTING TRENDZ

SMS Varanasi has introduced the pioneering issue of Journal – COMPUTING TRENDZ – the Journal Instigating Holistic Creativity in Computer & Information Technology.

Computing Trendz is actually a bi-annual publication of School of Management Sciences, Varanasi, India. Its objective is to integrate the practices of the professional world with the knowledge creation in the academic world so as to enrich the analysis of the researches occurring in the fields of Computers and providing them with a speedy delivery for its dissemination amongst computing professionals, faculties and research scholars.
Its prime focus is on applied researches and new inventions in technical world of computers. Computing Trendz welcomes original articles and research papers from both academicians and computer professionals on computers based information, communication technologies and related subjects. Papers based on theoretical or empirical research or experiences are welcome including issues in original that come under analytical/empirical/case research.
The soft copy of the paper may be sent to the editor by his e-mail & hard copy may be sent by the postal address as given below:
Computing Trendz Journal
School of Management Sciences,
Institutional Area, Khushipur,
P.O. Bachhaon (Mohansarai-Mughalsarai Bypass)
Phone: (0542) 2271771, 72
Fax: (0542) 2271773
General Instructions for paper :

• Format: 12 point font size, Times new roman in MS Word with single line spacing and 8-10 pages.
• Paper should be submitted by specified last date along with name(s) and address(s) of author(s) and their E-mail IDs.

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